Firm Administrator

Annette Martinez

Annette Martinez was a local business owner that specialized in the duplication of legal documentation.  She has over 15 years of experience with management, bookkeeping and working with many law firms in New Mexico.  As the firm administrator at Egolf, Ferlic, Martinez & Harwood, she enjoys creating a personal connection with clients and is responsible for the smooth operation of our busy law firm.  


Becky Josey

Becky Josey has more than 20 years’ legal experience in Santa Fe with an emphasis on civil litigation. Becky is deeply respected in the legal community of New Mexico. She has served with senior lawyers at some of the region’s largest and best law firms, and has a base of knowledge and skills that make her a leader and key player with the Firm.

Contract Paralegal

Brittany Gaume

Brittany is an independent contractor to Egolf, Ferlic & Harwood who specializes in water rights analysis and land-use compliance issues. She assists clients in finding the best options for their natural resources while ensuring compliance with state, county, and municipal rules and regulations. Her ability to translate complex technical concepts into accessible language aides clients in their decision making process. Brittany feels that is her duty to help protect our most precious resource; the water that sustains us. She received her Master’s degree in Business Administration from the University of New Mexico.