Egolf defends GUS H20 in water dispute against State Land Office

June 16, 2016 Albuquerque Journal

Brian Egolf is representing GUS H20 LLC in a lawsuit filed against the State Land Office after State Land Commissioner Aubrey Dunn asked to revoke his office’s approval of GUS H2O’s applications to drill wells near Eunice, NM.

“The State Land Office acted virtually without warning to cancel its agreements with GUS to that firm’s detriment and no compensation offered,” Egolf told the Journal. “When you have a state official acting unilaterally to harm a small business, you have no choice but to seek assistance in the courts to protect their interests.”

On June 24 the case will be heard in the First District Court.  Until then a restraining order blocks the State Land Office from revoking GUS H20’s applications.

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